Hi there!

Whoever you are, welcome! Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the incredibly obnoxious close-up of my face. I’ve been looking at other writers’ websites and it seems like earnest and eyes up is the key to success. Just don’t look too closely at my gaping nostrils.

Whatever you are here for, you can find the relevant information in the header menu above. If you’re feeling enthusiastic, you can always scroll down to view what is pretty much the same information. I’m not a website designer.


P.S The disgustingly sterile stock images below will soon be gone, I hope.


“For me personally, ceiling fans also serve to fill the almost predatory silences that slowly encroach upon the vacuum of my latent mind.”

– Luke J. George

Things that I do

Interactive Short Stories
(Design, Writing, Development)

I’m developing short, visually focused interactive stories that utilise interesting design.

Game Development
(Design, Narrative, Development)

A budding narrative designer, I’ve dabbled in just about all elements of game development.

Mini Stories
(Writing. Obviously)

Shorter than short stories. Each story is written to evoke… something.

Games Journalism
(News, Reviews, Interviews,

I write about games. I break news, write scathing reviews —along with some really nice, polite ones— and interview developers.