Little game thingies that you can ‘play’.




The first of my mini-projects to reach fruition, Drip is a brief  (1-2 minutes) story with limited interactivity. While small in scope, Drip served as an experiment to see what I could do with a limited engine and only words for assets. 


Click on the image to the left to open Drip in a new tab.

Drip was created with Stencyl and requires Flash to play in your browser.

Beware of the Dot: Barking Mad (WIP)


Unfinished as of yet, BotD:BM , while lacking any sort of visual artistry, the ‘game’ serves to address written environmental flavour, barks, and -mostly- inconsequential conversations between the PC and NPCs. 


Don’t click anywhere to open this one. It’s not available to play yet.


Beware of the Dot: Barking Mad is being developed using Unity.


Game Development

A couple of projects that I’ve been working on.


Passengers (WIP)

“Tasked with a mysterious mission, the player takes the role of the Driver. As they move ever northwards, the Driver will encounter many characters. Some will help, others will hinder. A lucky few will become passengers.”

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Passengers is my dream project. I’ve been tinkering with its concepts for years. Unfortunately, the scope is well beyond my capabilities. As such, I’ll be placing this one on hold until I own BioWare.


Developed with Unity.

Passengers is currently on hold. 

Leader (WIP)

“The player will try to carve a new life, hidden within a mysterious forest. Recruiting other misfits, the group will try to survive and thrive deep in the shadow of the cold-hearted society that cast them out.”

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Leader is a newly conceptualised project being developed by myself and my spouse (programmer). A hobby project, it serves to give us both some practice in the sphere of game development.

Developed with Unity.


Short  short-stories

Flash fiction, vignettes, and short stories that you can read. Obviously.


Another Troy to Burn

The final steps (or rather, strokes) in a journey of unknown length. The reader joins a lone man as he approaches his ultimate goal. 


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The Thing with Feathers

United by cause, two people pass through the crowded streets of a city they love, but will never see again.


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Games Writing


Hardcore Gamer

Working as a staff writer, I wrote, conducted and broke news, reviews, previews, interviews, opinions, and a podcast.


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